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I'm using my imagination, and that part of my mind has strange aspects which I don't understand. I put pencil to paper and paint to canvas with both curiosity of what will come of it and a desire to conform to the nature of math and art asthetics. I try mostly to convey calm and order. This is done by centering in on the expression of feelings and moods and thoughts all molded by the underlying river of subconsciousness. When I do find it and connect to it I am pleased that it often leaves me better than it found me. Hello and welcome to my page. Enjoy looking around. The work you see here is fruit from my creative time. Thanks to the artists who have given instruction. Artists such as Mark Criley and Leonardo Perez-Nieto, among others, have provided youtube lessons free of charge. I was priveledged to take a drawing course from Jerry Werner. His instruction was invaluable.

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References: [ Traders in History ] [ The Creative Cloister ] [ Holeystones ]

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